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Reflections - The Memories and Recipes of a Southern Cook

Jim's latest book contains 30 all new original dips and spreads created by Jim that capture flavors from memorable culinary encounters from Richmond to Dallas to Key West. Some of these treats were the offerings of chefs in four or five star restaurants, others came from the loving hands of Southern cooks in private homes - large and small.

In each instance the person preparing the food conveyed, spoken or unspoken, "You are my friend and I have prepared this especially for you. Enjoy." To capture these moments Jim carefully handcrafted each dip until he achieved the taste and bouquet of flavors he sought. These gourmet dips and spreads are the work product of over 2,700 hours and approximately $18,000.00 in ingredients and development. With the exception of liqueurs, the ingredients for these dips can be readily found in most well stocked grocery stores.

To create recipes for classic Southern desserts where none existed, Jim spent untold hours with lovely ladies in their eighties and nineties who attempted to recall how their mother, grandmother, great aunt, etc. made a certain dish. After many hours of research for each dessert, Jim prepared large spreadsheets to determine lines of commonality of ingredients and then attempted to guess from descriptions such as "a handful," a "coffee cup" and "a little tin scoop" the amount of each ingredient. Stretching his culinary skills, Jim then concocted prototype desserts until he reached a baseline dessert that pleased his pallet and captured the dish he sought. He then prepared this dessert three times consecutively to determine if it met baseline standards. After clearing this bar, Jim then added his special touches and created a uniquely wonderful array of "special" Southern classics.

David Holt, Grammy award winning storyteller and musician, has this to say about Jim's book, "Jim Early's Reflections: The Memories and Recipes of a Southern Cook is the gold standard for dips and desserts. These dips let your guest know you really care about them and want to serve something special. Gourmet cook Early has dug deep in Southern culture finding the most delicious recipes and then adding his own ingenious touches. If you care about fine dips and desserts–you have struck the motherlode."

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Check out a taste of Jim's recipes. We're serving up 3 from this book that will tantilize your tastes!

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