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The following are excerpts from some of the many seminars Jim Early has provided for lawyers, doctors and business persons across the country and out of country. The seminars provided for lawyers generally encompass subject matter dealing with ethics, professionalism, alcohol/substance abuse and mental health issues. These seminars meet all mandatory requirements of each state's continuing legal education programs (CLE).

The seminars provided by Jim Early for mental health assessment, stress management and achieving balance are designed for adult audiences and have been presented in various forms throughout the country.

Jim Early has studied mental health issues for 20 plus years and is certified for mental health debriefing in national traumas and disasters. Jim Early does not treat those with mental health issues but raises the awareness in attendees of the need to maintain good balance and take the steps necessary to assure a good quality of life, including professional help if necessary.

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Jim Early's seminars can be tailored for a small group or groups up to 400-500 people. CDs, video cassettes and DVDs may be purchased through SECQOLA by downloading the order form and mailing it with payment to SECQOLA at 144 Sterling Point Court, Winston-Salem, NC 27104.

A list of some of Jim's prior speaking engagments (view PDF)

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